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Posts by Pamela Talbot

Language IS Thinking

Language is not just a bunch of words put together. Sure, that’s the way we analyze language but there’s so much more to it than that!. Language is about formulating ideas and formatting them into words in ways other’s can understand. There’s a lot of practice needed to build those early neural pathways for reaching…

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Creating Independence

Sometimes creating the need for our children to develop independence goes against our natural instincts as parents. Our role is to nurture and protect our children, right? Unfortunately if we don’t set them up to work through challenges when they are young they might not develop strategies or even the confidence to try as they…

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High Expectations or just High Hopes?

Are High Expectations a good thing? High expectations are quite different than wishful thinking. Expectations are palpable even if not explicitly stated. Sometimes tough love in the form of clear expectations, managed appropriately, is the greatest gift. However, there is a fine but definite line between expecting a lot and applying pressure. During an internship…

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Literacy from birth?

Reading to your baby opens literacy potential. Maybe when you read that title you assumed I was talking about ABC’s and flash cards for babies. Maybe you thought of those “high performance babies” you may have seen on TV or You-Tube. You know the ones, the babies who say the sight word printed on a…

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