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Taking it to the Street

My colleague, Kim, and I (no, that’s not either of us in the picture even though my friends will think it’s my dog) anyway, we started Language Launchers Inc, to take what we know about child language development to the general public.

We decided to take the knowledge we had “TO THE STREET” to support ALL parents. Everyone has heard stories of children who for whatever reason were purely JUST “late talkers” and later caught up without any support or intervention.

Parents don’t often think about language development until … ………..it’s already delayed

However, ask any speech-language pathologist and you’ll find their waiting rooms are filled with “late talkers” who didn’t catch up spontaneously.

In many cases a strong linguistic environment in the early years can actually work to prevent or at least reduce language delays, as well as the need for therapy and academic tutors in the later years.

Interestingly, as we launched our “Babble Box” the feedback we received was mostly from other Speech-Language Pathologists who either bought it as a baby shower gift or chose to use our products with the families who come to see them.

Apparently we instantly developed a following of professionals who already understand the importance of early language stimulation.

Our storefront on Teachers Pay Teachers was created in response to professional requests for instantly downloadable materials. We continue to post new materials on TPT for both parents and professionals to learn and play with children to build language skills.

The journey has been exciting and along the way we’ve met many incredible professionals and families who

share our mission……to support parents to take their child’s language to new heights.

These are a few things we will be discussing in future posts. We hope you’ll join us as we turn the page to our next chapter of BLOGGING 🙂

Did you know…..

  • Children are getting less opportunities to engage in natural conversation than ever before
  • That the increase in bullying and social anxiety has direct links to children’s challenges in navigating social situations with spoken language
  • Spoken language development is very closely tied to learning to read
  • Reading comprehension is the single most important factor for academic success
  • Reading to your children is the BEST possible way to build vocabulary
  • Our everyday interactions with children typically only use a very small percentage of our own vocabulary

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Pamela Talbot

Pamela is an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist dually certified as a teacher of the hearing impaired. She is a Listening and Spoken Language LSLS-AVT. Pamela has extensive experience training parents and professionals at the international level.