Here's What People Are Saying About Language Launchers:
"Babbling with Babies enhances common parenting practices by giving meaning and understanding as to why we actually sing the songs we sing and play the games we play with our babies. It puts a modern spin on the way previous generations engaged with babies, creating a natural teacher out of every mom or mother to be. What I absolutely love about Babbling with Babies is that it confirms to mothers that what they are doing is "good" for their baby, and it gives first time moms a basis to form a meaningful routine with their baby."

Mother of 3 year old

"As a speech-language pathologist and a mother of two I was so thrilled to see such a wonderful product that promoted language development. What a great tool to help new and seasoned moms get their kids talking. All the activities and ideas are easy to incorporate into your everyday life!"

Parent-Infant speech-language therapist

"Babbling with Babies truly supports the important connection between language experiences and early reading success. Making the most of these very early interactions between parent and baby set in place the building blocks for a child's success and ease with reading as they grow."

Reading specialist and fifth grade teacher

“The Babble Box is an awesome gift for new moms! People say it takes a village, to raise a child, it takes products like this to help your child develop speech and language skills. I look forward to my monthly packets."

Mother of 3 year old son, newly adopted from China