Q: Why would a parent buy this if their infant is not yet old enough to talk? 

Early and enriched stimulation yields higher results. The first 3 years are the most valuable language learning years and the more a parent knows about building a strong communicative environment the better opportunities the baby will have to stretch their learning potential. Our products offer the opportunity for a parent to learn how to track their child's communication development.

Q: When is a good time to give Babbling with Babies® to a new parent?

Babbling with Babies® is an especially unique gift for a baby shower or first birthday.

Q: Is this appropriate for the parent of a child with a diagnosed speech and language delay?

Yes, although it is NOT intended to replace direct therapy services. Our products help parents create strong learning environments within the home to support the goals of intervention.

Q: My child appears to be developing language naturally so how could these products help me? 

We believe parents of ALL children benefit from knowledge about how to enhance language development. You might consider it an enhancement tool to developing a strong basis prior to formal academic instruction. Our products were created to take concepts from our area of expertise to the general public to enhance language learning, literacy skills and academic performance for all children.

Q: Is this a foreign language program?

This is an information kit for parents to help their children reach their full linguistic potential in a first or secondary language. The activities and advice aim to maximize naturally occurring daily meaningful interactions.

Q: My child is only an infant, how can this program help me?

It is important to begin conversation and reading with your child from the day he or she is born. This program gives you information on how, why, and what you should be noticing during different stages of your baby's development.

Q: How does the age range work?

Each topic in Babbling with Babies® covers the developmental range of birth to two years.  Each topic in Chatting with Children® covers the developmental range of two to five years of age.

Q: My child is going to be two and has speech and language delays, should I choose Chatting with Children® or Babbling with Babies®?

If you believe your child is delayed start with Babbling with Babies®.

Q: Do you have a DVD or an App to teach the children vocabulary and grammar?

No, Language Launchers Inc. is a company geared toward information for parents and caretakers who we believe are the children's first and most influential language teachers. Children learn best through live social engagement with those who love them best.