Pamela Talbot
Cert AVT
Kimberly Nertney

We are speech-language pathologists, moms, and founders of Language Launchers Inc. We have a long standing passion for language development. It is our strong belief that parents are a child's primary teacher when it comes to language acquisition. We've seen the impact those early interactions have on the foundation for spoken language ability and literacy skills necessary for later academic competency.

In our professional practice and our social circles we've noticed a concerning trend of less frequent and less engaging parent-child conversations. We created Language Launchers Inc, to share our knowledge of speech and language development with parents of all children, not only those with disabilities or delays. We've made it our mission to empower parents to maximize language development through meaningful and playful interactions within daily routines with their children.

Our products will provide you with information and strategies to guide you in launching your child's language and speech development towards future social and academic success. Please join us on our quest to enhance the conversational experiences of young children in the midst of our high tech fast paced world.

  • A child's linguistic ability is highly influenced by the QUALITY OF STIMULATION with the primary caretakers in the first few years of life.
  • Parents have the power to ENHANCE BRAIN DEVELOPMENT when they learn to use rich language models and read to their children daily.
  • ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT begins with a strong linguistic foundation. PARENTS help build this foundation for listening, speaking, reading, and the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Ages 0-5 are CRUCIAL for brain development for kindergarten readiness, social skills, and problem solving.
  • READING is an extension of verbal language and auditory skills.
  • Language is best learned through SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT. Children do NOT learn language or verbal reasoning from any electronic device or app.
  • Conversation, vocabulary, and reasoning skills need to be nurtured for a child to meet his/her FULL LINGUISTIC POTENTIAL.